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Oct, 2003

A Function Based, Object Based, Text Aware, Interactive Computer Language with Hierarchical Set Base Network Base Database of Memory Objects.

The new 32 bit implementation of the FRED programming language on top of a 32 bit packetizing set based memory server provides a context free language independent of Framework's context based user interface.

FRED 32 takes advantage of Windows 2000/XP/NT API GUI and standard DLLs, Windows 2000 server file system services and naming. Its new language implementation provides true function based context free compiled (Win 32 DLL) and interpreted interactive programming. This implementation of the FRED language breaks new ground in functionality as well as computer language and memory management concepts.

Fully compatible with older Framework programs and macros (including the historical @pk - @performkeys) FRED 32 provides solid memory allocation functions operating a 32 bit memory server including such new functions as @createframe(framepath.frame, frame name, frame type) and @relabel(old frame path, new frame name) which bring to programmers new concepts of function based programming with "on the fly" (S Expressions) extensibility and object based encapsulation.

On Windows systems FRED 32 provides both full Windows API programmability as well as direct access to hardware.

FRED's traditional interactive error correction provides function based interactive parameter type checking for compiled Win 32 DLLs - possibly the only such implementation. Unlike Framework's old LLI implementation, no special syntax is used for language extensions. Both DLLs and "on the fly" S expressions (LISP) are called with the same familiar syntax.

Classic LISP extensibility addressing challenges related to global and local paths are handled consistently. This preserves the object oriented like hierarchy of dynamic local S expression access to variables, making it possible to create "on the fly" interpreters and interactive compilers which are local to their origin while taking full interactive advantage of eval.

Efforts are underway to add to our multi-platform compiler and run time libraries additional FRED 32 Windows DLLs and like tools for Linux and other platforms.
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FRED 32's and Framework VIII's entire interactive message system (as well as the new user customizable Framework menu system) are now dynamic. This allows switching between languages without restarting either FRED or Framework. FRED 32's detailed error messages can be changed by a FRED program while running. A detailed hypertext help system for every built-in function is provided with prototypes and working code examples which can be pasted into programs making FRED an ideal learning environment for students at all levels regardless of spoken language.

Following are a number of links (not up to date but still relevant) with descriptions of the language's traditional features.

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FRED updated developer's toolkit and Run time are available now.

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