FRAMEWORK VII FRED's alphabetic function list.

Hypertext help page for each function includes detailed description of its prameters and returned value as well as sample working code that can be pasted and run.
All functions (as well as entier programs or portions thereof, including global and dynamic memory alocations) can be run by highlighting and calculating them in any text area. Programs will execute, performing their tasks. The last function returned value will be typed following the highlighted program.

Highlighting and calculating: @dec2bin(88) types "=01011000" following the highlighted function.
Highlighting and calculating: @bin2dec("01011000") types "=88.00" following the highlighted function.
On Oct 21, 2003 calculating: @now + 125 types "=Feb 23, 2004"using the date format of the current country language following the highlighted function.
Highlighting and calculating: @setdirectory("C:\My email files") sets the new directory and types the old: " =\" following the highlighted function.

-A-, -B-, -C-, -D-, -E-, -F-, -G-, -H-, -I-, -K-, -L-, -M-, -N-, -O-, -P-, -Q-, -R-, -S-, -T-, -U-, -V-, -W-, -Y-.

A. Top of page index.
@access -- returns network file sharing info
@acos -- returns the arc cosine of its parameter
@alarm -- set a time to execute a program
@and -- returns boolean true/false
@asin -- takes a sine n and returns the corresponding angle (in radians)
@atan -- returns the arc tangent of its parameter.
@atan2 -- returns two parameters' four-Quadrant Arc Tangent
@avg -- returns list's average

B. Top of page index.
@backplace -- move to location memorized by @recordplace
@beep -- sound beep w/duration and frequency
@beepp -- sound beep w/duration and frequency
@between -- return the Nth occurrence target string enclosed between two strings
@bin2dec -- convert binary to decimal
@bm -- set printing bottom margin
@bop -- retrun and set pragraph properties
@bopinfo -- retrun pragraph properties as a formated string
@business -- numbers and dates format

C. Top of page index.
@ceiling -- round up
@charselection -- selected character value
@chartype -- selected character type
@chkstr -- compiler tool to retrieve literal text regardless of embeded quotes
@choose -- return Nth list item
@chr2phc -- converts string to automate touch-tone phone (usually stock transactions)
@chr2phd -- converts letters to phone number
@chr -- return styled fonted character
@chrstyle -- return styled fonted string
@chrwide -- return proportional font printed length of a string
@col -- return column number in spreadsheet or datebase
@col2num -- converts alphabetic spreadsheet like column name to number
@copydir -- xcopy a directoy
@copyfile -- copy a file
@cos -- return cosine
@count -- count word
@createframe -- create frame at specified path
@currency -- format numbers and dates/time
@cutpaste -- return / set / append to shared Framework/Windows cutpaste buffer

D. Top of page index.
@datatype -- return datatype
@date -- return date value
@datetime -- return date time value
@date1 -- return formated date string
@date2 -- return formated date string
@date3 -- return formated date string
@date4 -- return formated date string
@date5 -- return formated date string
@date6 -- return formated date string
@date7 -- return formated date string
@date8 -- return formated date string
@date9 -- return formated date string
@datevalue -- parse date string to value
@day -- return day of month
@dayname -- return day of week name in current language
@dbasefilter -- access disk based database
@dbffield -- cahnge disk based database field name
@dbfindex -- index disk based database
@dbfkey -- internal testing
@dbfunique -- unique filter of disk based database
@dblookup -- return value from database
@dec2bin -- convert decimal to binary
@dec2frac -- converts a decimal to string: 12.125 to "12 1/8"
@dec2hex -- convert decimal to hexdecimal
@dec2oct -- convert decimal to octal (base 8)
@decimal -- format numbers dates time
@delete -- delete frame
@deskhide -- hide customize desktop elements
@dialtone -- generates touch tone dialing number
@diffdate -- rerurn period beteen date
@display -- paint screen
@dispmsg -- display current language messages, menu, help files, date format etc.
@docmodified -- was frame modified since last save
@dollar -- set currency symbole
@dosname -- valid DOS file name
@windname -- valid Windows file name
@docname -- top level frame name
@dow -- day of week from date
@draw -- draw
@drawgraph -- draw graph from spreadsheet

E. Top of page index.
@enclose -- verify syntax balance bracketes return text
@eraseprompt -- clear msg
@execute -- run furmula
@exec -- run compiled low memory executable loaded library
@execparmsset -- parameters to executable loaded library
@execST -- run formula from S call with absolute path preventing FUNARG
@exp -- Raise e (The natural Logarithm base: 2.7182818...) to power

F. Top of page index.
@fileAttr -- return file attribute
@fileDate -- return file date
@filedel -- delete file
@fileDTS -- rertunn file date time size string
@fileexists -- true if file exists
@fileload -- load file
@fileRen -- rename file
@fileSize -- file/s / dir / file set / w/wild cards size
@fill -- fill a region with incremental values, series or strings
@fillval -- fill a region with incremental values such as date string
@floor -- round down
@fl -- printed page footer part aligned left
@fontlen -- return/set width of printed proportionally fonted string in inches or millimeters
@fontname -- return current selected char font name
@fontsize -- return current selected char font size in points
@fp -- printer page footer line position
@fr -- printer page footer part aligned right
@frac -- return the fractional part of a number
@frac2dec -- convert "12 1/8" to 12.125 with input and output choices
@framelevel -- return frame/class nested level
@frametype -- return frame type
@frameview -- return current view
@fv -- returns the future value of an investment
@fwpersonal -- returns the environment personal settings

G. Top of page index.

@get -- returns the value from region
@getdblangs -- get a list of the available language databases in the Framework directory
@GCDfrac -- returnes the greatest common denominator
@getformula -- return a frame's formula

H. Top of page index.
@hc -- set a printed page center header
@hex2dec -- converts hexadecimal to decimal
@hf -- set a print job header and footer starting page
@hide -- hide a frame from user keeping them available programaticaly for access and display
@hideall -- hide all frames from user keeping them available programaticaly for access and display
@hl -- set a printed page left header
@hlookup -- horizontal lookup retrieving values from specified vertical offset
@hour -- the hours part of a time value
@hp -- header position on a printed page
@hr -- set a printed page right header
@hsecond -- the hundreds second part of a time value
@htmltabl -- produce HTML tables from a spreadsheet or a database
@hyper -- turn off or on the PgUp / PgDn double key jump action between frames
@hyperhelp -- start hyper text help system with specified frame
@hypertag -- retrieve hypertext tags

I. Top of page index.
@if -- logical if than
@incsort -- increment a string beyond search range
@initcap -- Capitalize word first letter
@inpath -- return container frame home file path from any level inside it
@inputdate -- receive date input verifying its range
@inputline -- receive input anywahere on screen with options
@inputnum -- receive num input verifying its range
@inputpick -- receive input from a pick list
@inputtime -- receive time input verifying its range
@int -- convert numbers, characters, keys to corresponding integers
@integer -- convert number to formated string
@irr -- returns the internal rate of return
@is1st -- used to ensure a frame is loaded only once - Framework provide automatic alert
@isabend -- is abnormal end of an operation return true
@isalpha -- true if a string
@isbop -- true of a paragraph property marker
@iscapslock -- true if cap lock is on
@isdate -- true if date
@isdir -- true if a directory
@isdocument -- true if a desktop document
@isdrive -- true if drive
@iserr -- true if error value or syntax error
@isfileon -- true if a file is loaded
@islbr -- true if an empty line
@isna -- true if FRED error value
@isnavkey -- true if a navigation key
@isnumeric -- true if numeric
@isnumlock -- true if num lock is on
@istime -- true if time value
@item -- return an indexed sent parameter
@itemcount -- count of sent parameters
@item1...@item16 -- return the corresponding sent parameter

K. Top of page index.
@keepfields -- retains the specified database' fields, removing all others
@keyfilter -- associate or disassociate a key or key groups with programs
@keyfw5 -- restore the user keyboard interface fully or partially after a program altered it
@keyname -- return a key name from an input key
@kp -- direct printer to keep frame on one page advancing to a new page if not enough space left

L. Top of page index.
@lastpage -- last page number
@lChild -- last item in path
@left -- left part of a string
@len -- length of a string
@library -- activate/restore standard user interface after alteration be a program
@linkframe -- link frames of database records to a disk based file
@list -- group list of functions - same as ()
@ll -- return print setup of line length
@ln -- returns the natural logarithm of a specified number
@local -- local dynamic memory allocation
@log -- returns the base 10 logarithm of a specified number
@lower -- convert string to lower case
@ltrim -- left trimming of spaces from string

M. Top of page index.
@makedir -- make a directory
@makepath -- make a directory path creating teh nececery directories
@makeprog -- convert recorded text and keys to corresponding program code
@makerec -- add records to a database
@markup -- mark up a number based on a percent margin
@max -- max value
@memavail -- available memory
@menu -- user menu
@menusense -- menu language strings and international syntax names
@mid -- middle of a string
@milli --
@min -- minimum value
@minute -- return the minutes part of a time value
@mirr -- returns the modified internal rate of return
@mod -- returns the reminder left after a division
@mode -- returns a number representing the type of the current user action
@month -- returns the month as a number
@monthname -- returns the name of the month for the current language
@mouse -- turn mouse of on

N. Top of page index.
@nationalize -- set numeric formatting
@netcost -- item's cost after deduction
@next -- advance region pointer
@nextcell -- advance region/matrix pointer in any direction and increment
@nextkey -- wait for next key with time
@not -- logical not
@now -- current date and time
@npv -- @npv returns the net present value
@np -- print new page number
@Nthroot -- return number's Nth. root
@nthmid -- return path Nth item
@num2col -- converts a number to a spreadsheet column name
@num2words -- Translates number to words describing the number - for speech, check printing etc.
@numth -- return the number with its letter suffix: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...

O. Top of page index.
@oct2dec -- conver octal (base 8) to decimals
@opendir -- open a directory cabinet
@or -- logical or

P. Top of page index.
@page -- go to next page break
@panel1 -- status line information - usually cols/x position
@panel2 -- status line information - usually rows/y position
@parinfo -- pragraph alignment
@parse -- return a parameter (program code) from a parameter area (retrieved by @enclose)
@pathexists -- true of file or directory path exists
@pk -- @performkeys perform (send) keyboard keys. Operate Framework user interface
@pi -- pi (3.14)
@picklist -- turn off/on pick list in database
@pl -- printing page number of lines or length
@pmt -- peridic paymetns
@pn -- print page number
@po -- print page offset from left
@position -- position and size a frame on desktop
@pound -- set currency symbol to pound
@pr -- group printing functions
@print -- send job to printer
@printinfo -- return printer info
@printreturn --
@prompt -- display message at any coordinate and with any style
@proper -- proper name capitalize first letter
@put -- set a value into indexed region
@pv -- present value of paymetns

Q. Top of page index.

R. Top of page index.
@rand -- random number
@recavail -- resets record to the first empty cell, #true if empty cell found , #false if not
@recordplace -- record current location in frame
@redundant -- filters a database field to repeating values
@region -- index into region or return matrix and other information about region
@relabel -- rename a frame
@rename -- rename a files or directory using Windows long file names or Win 2000 server names
@replace -- replace (or removes) a part of a string
@reporterror -- report a Framework error message in the current language
@rept -- repeata string N times
@reset -- reset a region pointer
@restmen -- restore recorded menus positions the user will see
@restlocate -- set the locate search string menus the user will see
@restorescreenblock -- display a saved screen area
@result -- return to calling function
@resume -- resume a suspended program
@return -- return to calling function
@right -- right part of a string
@rlock -- locks or unlocks a dbase record in a shared dBase file
@roman -- converts a number (ranged of 1 to 3999) to a roman numeral string with options
@roman2dec -- converts a roman numeral string to a number (range 1 to 3999)
@round -- round number
@row -- row number
@rollnum -- roll via a repeating series (similar to @mod)
@rscan -- seach for for string from right
@rtrim -- trim spaces on right
@rulerposition -- distance from left edge of page to current cursor position
@run --
@runtime --

S. Top of page index.
@saytext -- context speech communicator for word, sentences etc.
@savelocate -- record search and replace toggle states and strings
@savemen -- save current menu positions
@savescreenblock -- save an area of the screen for a later display
@scan -- search for text
@scientific(5) =5.00E+0 -- numeric formatting. @scientific(5)=5.00E+0
@screeninfo -- return display information
@screenC -- return current screen x position
@screenR -- return current screen y position
@screensave -- turn screen saver on and off
@searchtext -- search with metacharacters
@second -- return the seconds part of a time value
@select -- evaluate item in indexed list
@sense -- return a menu atate or value
@set -- assign value (same as := )
@setDBlang -- dynamicaly set the current spoken language
@setdirectory -- set the current directory in any drive cabinet
@setdrive -- set the current drive (among drive cabinets)
@setformula -- install program in frame formula or dynamic local variable
@setFSt -- substitute set formula for on the fly with FUNARG considarations
@sethome -- assign home file to a frame
@setlang -- change language from available languages in current database
@setlocate -- set the locate search and replace toggles
@setmacro -- assign a key to a program
@setselection -- return or set the current location
@showall -- unhide all hidden frames
@showmsg -- display a sign with a message
@sign -- indicate the sign of a number (+1, -1, 0)
@sin -- the sine of a number
@sk -- print job line to skip before printing
@sort -- sort a region
@sp -- print job spacing between lines
@sqrt -- square root
@ssdirction -- data entry behavior in spreadsheets
@st -- printed page starting printer control code
@std -- standard deviation
@string -- converts any value to string type
@str2ref -- converts a string to a reference type
@styleinfo -- return character style information (bit mask) for use in styling functions
@subpath -- convert FRED path of subframes to DOS path for corresponding directories
@sum -- total region or parameters numeric values ignoring non numeric
@sumdate -- total dates
@suspend -- suspend a program until @resume (recursiv)
@syspath --

T. Top of page index.
@tan -- tangent
@tchr -- telcomm next char
@temppath -- return Framework temporary directory
@text2hex -- convert bytes to ASCII in debug dump format
@textselection -- return the selected (highlighted) text
@textcount -- number of times the specified sub-string apears in a string. 0 if none.
@thousands -- country numeric formating
@time -- time value and calculations
@time1 -- time formating
@time2 -- time formating
@time3 -- time formating
@time4 -- time formating
@tlimit -- toggel telcom FRED
@tline -- telcom line
@tm -- printed page top margine
@today -- today's date
@trace -- toggle recording of program execution for debugging and study
@trayheight -- adjust the desktop tray height
@traywidth -- adjust the desktop tray width
@trim -- trim string end spaces
@twait -- telcomm wait

U. Top of page index.
@UK -- perform a key ignoring current interface
@unhide -- unhide a hidden frame
@unit -- set a global numeric unit symbole
@unique -- filter a database for all unique values
@unlock -- release a network file sharing lock
@upper -- convert string to upper case
@username -- return user name set in environment

V. Top of page index.
@value -- evaluate expressions
@var -- variance
@version -- Framework version information
@vesamode -- change display resoltion in Fraemwork versions running VESA
@vlookup -- vertical look up retrieving a value in specified horizontal offset

W. Top of page index.
@weekday -- verify and return a weekday skipping weekends with options
@weekend -- verify and return a weekend day skipping weekdays with options
@while -- while condition true loop through a list of functions
@wordcount -- count the number of words in a frame
@writeframefile -- write a frame to file
@writepicturefile -- write (export) a screen area to graphic file
@writetextfile -- write (export) a frame to a text file

Y. Top of page index.
@year -- converts the year part of a date to a number
@yen -- set global currency symbol to yen