Selections & Functions, Inc. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system.
Selections & Functions' EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system provides customized output and input templates with a defined set of EDI keywords. The template information is used by the EDI system to process incoming data. The system parse incoming EDI files or creates outgoing EDI files. The EDI system can take input from standard EDI text files as well as from virtually all other file formats. Output can be formatted in major file formats and sent to most major applications.

The EDI system include full network compatibility, telecommunication capabilities, Internet and Intranet EMail delivery and retrieval, terminal emulation for communication with mainframes and mini computers, and an optional proprietary secured EMail system.

For "Just in Time" inventory and manufacturing our EDI tools can produce dynamic back-order and minimum-level cumulative reports and updating, while taking into account current and ordering dates. Output may be created simultaneously in dBase file format, spreadsheet format, and text format, making it easy to send data to other programs and platforms.

The EDI system package includes customizing, implementation, training, continuing consulting and support. Price start at $3500.00.

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