Framework Educational Programs.
We offer a special site license agreement to educational institutions for a special low rate. We also provide training and help in creating a generic Framework-based teaching curriculum.

Also available are Network Access Packs allowing schools to run Framework across a network on disk-less computers.

Framework is especially suitable for demonstrating generic computing basic concepts such as word processing, outlining, databases, spreadsheets, formulas, graphs, telecommunication, programming, file management, etc. Framework and FRED unified single environment offer a degree of clarity not fount in other software.

Framework can run on inexpensive DOS systems, including XT/AT, that in many cases educational institutions and students can obtained for free from businesses and individuals who upgrade their hardware to Windows-based systems.

Framework is unique in making it possible to visually illustrate object-oriented and event-driven programming environment concepts. Encapsulation, function-based programming, absolute and relative referencing, properties, plymorphic objects, inheritance and event-driven environment, dominate the future of development and design systems, and are readily demonstrable in Framework.

Framework Network Version, compatible with Novell's Netware, NT, and other NETBIOS networks can provide schools with a server-based distributed system allowing low cost disk-less workstations to be used by students and teachers. Framework file management with the Network built-in directory-based security and file locking together with Framework electronic mail can be used to manage student-teacher communication in school and with remote locations.

Framework Electronic Mail can provide students and teachers with personal electronic mailboxes, allowing connectivity between a school's network to stand-alone computers at homes or other schools using a regular phone line with no need for Internet access. If Internet access is required, Framework provides text-based Unix shell emulation capabilities allowing non-graphical Internet shell-based program such as Pine EMail, FTP, Linx and file transfer such as XModem to run inside Framework.

Framework Hypertext engine (HyperHelp) provides teachers and student a way to automatically create Hypertext links in existing documents, even homework or imported data. Links are automatically attached to text with no hidden marking. Computer programming terms and functions' names, just as any other words may be linked to Hypertext detailed help screens. Hypertext can be used to create tutorials and teaching programs.