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Products and Services Supported. Top of page index.
Framework X, Framework IX, Framework VIII, Framework VII, Framework VI, Framework V,
Framework IV, Framework III, Framework XE Framework II, Framework
The FRED Computer Language, Framework & Developer's Toolkit, Framework Runtime,
Framework V LX for the Psion and HP 200LX PalmTop computers, Framework Network versions.
Framework VI DOS emulators: Mac OS, (Insignia); OS2; DOS EMU Linux, Framework Electronic Mail - Novell MHS
EDI Mapping, Views, Framework Vocalizers for the Blind and Vision Impaired. fBase.

Languages Supported. Top of page index.
American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Czech.

Upgrade. Top of page index.
Upgrades to Framework registered users are available. All Selections & Functions software products come with an agreement to provide any upgrade of the same product for one year from the date of purchase. Some products carry a longer upgrade period.

Contact. Top of page index.Call us at (617)782-0782 (USA) or email us for information. Please include full name, address, and if you are a Framework user, the version and languages of the Framework product you are using or have used.
E-Mail Framework support and sales: make it short but include information about hardware, speed, network, number of users, FRED program's information, platform and needs.
Email is not always reliable. If you do not get a fast response your email may have been lost -- call us.

Support Information. Top of page index.
Support Phone Number: (Voice) USA (617)782-0782
General information and advice regarding Framework and FRED provided to Framework users free of charge.
Voice calls are more effective and consume less time than Email allwoing better supprt.
Direct questions are essential for sorting out problems and providing optimal solutions.
Notwithstanding, if you choose to communicate by e-mail enclose your full information and mention Framework in your email subject.

Pricing. Top of page index.
For pricing information call (Voice USA): (617)782-0782 or email us

Shipping. Top of page index.
Software products are preregistered and uploaded via the Internet. Internet delivery is standard for software products. Special products are shipped via US mail by air, overnight shipping can be requested.

Payment policy. Top of page index.

Payments are accepted by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), checks, money orders, or wire transfers (SWIFT/ABA). Contact us by email or phone to receive an invoice with credit card secure form information, or coordinate another payment method.

Checks or money orders should be drawn on an American bank or a foreign bank's American branch in U.S. Dollars. Wire transfers should be coordinated in advance and must include the customer number.

We are aware that a large number of Framework users are outside the USA and may be in a need off special accommodations.

For obvious reasons software sales are final - software products delivered may not be returned.

Money transfer bank information is provided with invoice upon request.
Checks or money orders payable to:

and mailed to

P. O. Box 35121
Brighton, MA 02135

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