Framework VII's RunTime.
Framework VII Runtime is a special version of Framework VII. In principal the only difference between the full and Runtime versions is the display. The run time version does not display the memory based menus while the menus are operated. The full menu functionality is available through the use of the FRED language. The Runtime license allows the distribution of the Runtime program together with FRED programs to a pre-defined number of users. This makes it possible to distribute FRED programs commercially without the need to distribute full versions of Framework with them.

The Runtime is sold with the Framework VII and FRED Developers' Toolkit as well as full support for writing FRED programs.

While fully compatible with FRED applications written for Framework II, Framework III, Framework IV, Framework V, and the Low Level Interface a number of differences with Framework VII and idiosyncrasies unique to the Runtime are detailed here.

The Runtime does not display a full sign-on page, rather it flashes a single line of copyright notice.

The Runtime must call a FRED program upon starting. The call may be to a program frame named AUTOEXEC stored in the Runtime Library file or a program frame file loaded with the /X option from the DOS command line. If a FRED program is not called when starting the Runtime it immediately quits and returns to DOS. Note however that this FRED program may transfer full control to the user. In fact, the run time is sold with the AUTOEXEC frame in the Runtime Library containing a single line program that automatically transfers control to the user by executing keys entered by the user allowing the user to operate the menus and see the results of any actions albeit without seeing the menus.

While HyperHelp is available in the Runtime the regular context-based help is not. The F1 key must be redirected to a frame. The simplest way to handle it is to run the Framework VII user interface or to filter the F1 key upon starting the Runtime. A failure to do so and an unwanted press of F1 will cause @frametype to constantly report a help state.

The Runtime can be distributed in a non compressed form on a single 1.4 megabyte floppy disk. The run time version number (@version) is the same as Framework VII, 7xx. In general run time programs should be developed in Framework VII and tested in the Runtime. The Library and setup files such as fonts and drivers may be copied from a Framework VII installation.