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Customized versions of Framework V are available to hand held computers, the HP 200LX and the Psion hand held computer.

While the Psion version is new, it is running on a beta version of a DOS emulator, it is seems to provide an overall better solution than the HP 200LX. The Psion machine's screen is larger and is back lighted, making the machine more useful since Framework display 25 lines (CGA graphics) on both machines. The Psion uses a touch screen to emulate all 12 functions keys making it easier to interface with Framework. The Psion speed is about the same as the fastest version of the 200LX. There is also a possibility that 200LX software can run on the Psion albeit details are too fresh. Framework files and applications can be shared between the Psion and Framework VI running on any Windows based desktop making it easy to synchronize, update and share data with desktop machines.

Framework V LX is a special version of Framework V which can run on this famous HP 6 inch pocket size machine. Framework V LX can be installed in the LX200 RAM as well as on a flash card. It uses the LX200 dedicated application keys for the In F12 and Out (F11) keys as well as other dedicated functions such as the calendar.

Framework V LX is delivered together with the Framework V on the same CDROM allowing the exchange of files and calendar information between your desktop and palmtop.

Framework V 200LX prints proportional fonts on HP LaserJet, Deskjets and Postscript printers. Proportional fonts printing Page Preview is provided, including a Page Preview for Deskjet printers.
Desktop publishing documents prepared on your Laptop or Desktop machines can be carried and updated on the HP 200 LX simply by plugging a flash card. the document can be edited, preview, and printed with the same exact proportional printing output as the desktop or laptop machines.

The Framework V LX CDROM include separate Internet Browser and EMail manager for the HP LX200 palmtop for a full Internet access. HP LX200 palmtop for a full Internet access.

When running Framework V LX on the palmtop the sleep-suspend function allows suspending and waking up Framework V LX, making it instantly available for calculations, reading of documents, use of the calendar, etc.

HP LX200 Palmtop computers are available from us as well as from many computer retailers. When selecting the machine you have a number of options:

 We recommend the Time2Tech speed upgrade from 8 to 16 megahertz (available from us or directly from Time2Tech).

 You can get a new machine with 4 megabyte of RAM which allow you to run Framework V LX with no flash card.

 You can get a new machine with 2 or 4 megabyte of memory and upgrade it to 6 megabytes of RAM, again available from us or directly from Time2Tech.

 You can get a flash card, albeit our experience shows that you can run most DOS applications from the palmtop's RAM with memory to spare and your data is secured by the spare battery. However, some flash cards can be easily plugged into a PCMCIA slot on a laptop or desktop, files transfer easier and faster. Some flashcards are also available with built-in modems.

 When selecting a PCMCIA modem for your palmtop choose only a modem with an appropriate chip-set. The only few suitable models include a Megahertz 14.4 with a Rockwell chipset and few models built into flash cards. There is no reason why some of the new Lucent or TI very low power chipset can not provide an improvement but we do not any information about them at this time. Make sure you are buying an appropriate modem or you may discover that the modem drains your battery even when not in use.

 When using a modem, carry spare batteries.

 Internet access from your HP 200 LX palmtop with a WWW Browser and Email manager is provided by the NetTamer Internet DOS browser which is included with Framework V LX on the CDROM.
The NetTamer browser and Email can run from a Framework V LX menu.
You can experiment with NetTamer by downloading a sharewere version of it. NetTamer is available in a number of versions including DOS XT, 286, 386 and plamtops as well as a number of mobile proprietary machines and commercial Automatic Email mailers and newsgroup managers.

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