Views, Physical Implementation of Knowledge.

Views is a knowledge system based on new mass storage computing methodologies and concepts. A finite state machine and neural network based design provide index-free instantaneous access with real time transactions updating, queries and reports. Views provides an instantaneous natural ergonomic interface with unlimited arbitrary associations, immediacy of reporting, analysis, and management. It adds new dimensions to real time computing with real time dynamic complexity management.

Implementing a "View" starts with that view's "language" definition, essentially an "internalization machine". Instantaneous cybernetics relations and associations are defined in the system.

Views instantaneous internalization-based recognition and cybernetics-based sets brings new dimensions to computing and data management. The technology is used both in data management systems (Windows based software) and computing infrastructure (software as well as programmable logic hardware) replacing scan based methods and algorithms.

Views provides real time systems management as well as massive simulation and modeling platform. It can be used among other things for path based systems such as neural networks, stochastic learning, behavioral, networking, load balancing, and scheduling systems. Views can be used to reduce of real time mass storage cost as well as transaction and networking redundancy. It can be used for example as an instantaneous interactive interface intermediary cash to bringing lower cost optical mass storage to server level performance. Views can be used to provide dynamic "cross footing" or "vertical to horizontal data" analysis useful in dynamic real time optimization of path based systems, routing and dynamic physical placement. One application was used to analyze and manage variable-capacity service paths traffic flow (health care). Views allows effective unification of storage with real-time interactive management in applications ranges from accounting to, service, manufacturers and output inventory, resource utilization as well as scientific knowledge inventory.

How Views works? Instantaneous indexless access with persistency allows a view to grow indefinitely (limited by current technology - e. g. disk space). Once a "view" was created there are no limits on data entry, links and interpretations. Time, duration and usability patterns are modulated and demodulated for recording and access. 

Availability and platforms: Custom versions of views available for Intel based Windows platforms, DOS DPMI (With Graphic API) and FPGA/ASIC IP/firmware.
Contact: (617)782-0782